Since September 2017, Main Street Payments has saved our merchants over $906,546.12

Created By a Merchant For Merchants

You Deserve an Advocate in the Credit Card Processing Industry

Main Street Payments is building a member-based organization dedicated to reducing our Merchant-Member’s card processing costs.

Our Merchant-Members are just like you – they work hard to grow their business by providing customers with a great retail experience. They also want to increase their profits by controlling costs. Our Merchant-Members start saving money as soon as they join us.

Business Model

Our business was created with a simple goal – reduce our Merchant-Member’s card processing costs so they can be more profitable. To achieve this goal, we had to create a very different business model for the card processing industry, one that puts our clients’ profitability first.

That’s why we are building a member-based organization, so our Merchant-Members will save on card processing costs and provide direction to Main Street Payments through an Advisory Council. Our Merchant-Members will have visibility into the details of the business through published financials. Our business model is based on three simple concepts – transparency, clarity and accountability.


As former independent retail business owners, we understand the challenges that come with running a business and believe the costs of card processing should not be one of them. We can reduce your card processing fees so you can focus on what you do best, manage your business.

Merchant Services

We can lower card processing costs for your business. Or, if you are new to accepting credit cards and want to save money on card processing from the start, we can help you. From consultation to set up, we are there for you.


With our years of experience in the credit card industry, we have the ability to analyze your merchant statement and quickly estimate your potential savings. If you like your current processor but want better pricing, we’ll negotiate on your behalf and save you money. Or, if you are interested in changing processors, we have relationships with providers which can substantially reduce your card processing costs. If we can’t save you money, there is no cost to you.

Lowest Fees

As a member-based organization, Main Street Payments is more focused on our Merchant-Members profitability than our own. Our pricing model ensures each Merchant-Member benefits from the lowest card processing costs available.


Main Street Payments provides 24 X 7 support to make sure you can always get answers to your questions.

Credit Card Terminals and POS Integrations

Main Street Payments supports most models of credit card terminals and PIN pads. If you need a new terminal, we’ll provide them at our cost. We also support hundreds of integrated POS systems, such as QuickBooks POS, Aloha, Touch Bistro, NCR Silver, Vital POS and LightSpeed.

Our Results

Since September 2017, Main Street Payments has saved our merchants over $906,546.12 in card processing fees

Most of our Merchant-Members have reduced their processing costs by one-third, dollars that go straight to their bottom line.

Actual Savings For Our Clients!

Our Merchant-Members gain real savings when they switch to Main Street Payments. These are actual results for a few our clients:

Retail Type Monthly Savings Previous Rate New Rate % in Savings
Clothing Retailer $387.88 3.33% 2.17% 35%
Truck and Trailer Parts Store $4,080.04 3.53% 2.04% 42%
Pizza and Sub Restaurant $578.48 4.30% 2.65% 38%
Equipment Sales and Service $222.13 3.69% 2.61% 29%
Confectionary Store $98.64 3.82% 3.15% 18%

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Main Street Payment’s Founder and CEO

Main Street Payments really was started by a merchant, for merchants. Jerry Moore has been a retailer for over 12 years, with a business on Main Street, Highlands NC. He became frustrated with the lack of transparency from card processors and believed there should be a better solution for independent retailers. Jerry started Main Street Payments over four years ago and has brought his commitment to transparency and savings to a wide range of merchants.

Jerry Moore


Future Plans

Our Advisory Council will provide direction to the business in order to further reduce our Merchant-Member’s card processing fees as well as provide expanded support and other services. Our business charter prohibits the sale of Main Street Payments, so our Merchant-Members will continue to benefit from reduced card processing fees for as long as there are card processing fees. But our fundamental commitment won’t change – clarity, transparency and accountability to our Merchant-Members.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

We have many happy Merchant-members who have substantially reduced their processing costs. Here are what a few of them have said:

“I’m thrilled with the savings I’m getting by processing with Main Street Payments. And it was so easy to switch from my old processor.”

Clothing Retail Store Owner

“I’ve been amazed at how much money I’m saving every month – it’s had a big impact on my bottom line.”

Truck and Trailer Parts Business Owner

“Main Street Payments is not only saving me money, they provide great service as well.”

Confectionary Store Owner

“I really like the savings I see every month, but I’m also excited about being a member of an organization that is dedicated to helping independent business owners.”

Pizza and Sub Restaurant Owner

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